Vil du bli Vinyasa yogalærer? Early Bird tilbud..

by Monica Øien

En dag dukket Jessica Winderl opp på studio. Vi snakket sammen, mailet og etter et møte bestemte vi oss for å kjøre hennes variant av Vinyasa Teacher Training denne høsten. Jeg har mange ganger før snakket om at jeg måtte til USA for å falle for yoga. Det er noe med den kreative og lekne måten en Vinyasa klasse er bygget på som appellerer til meg. Dessuten er jeg kanskje litt verdensborger i hjertet og elsker å få inspirasjon, i særdeleshet fra Amerika. Jessica som er amerikansk og bosatt i Norge representerer akkurat denne flyten i hennes skolering. Dessuten får man enda mer, blant annet ayurvedisk medisin, så om du drømmer om å bli yogalærer ville jeg anbefale deg å lese samtalen jeg har med henne under. Kanskje nettopp denne skoleringen er noe for deg, kanskje det bor en yogalærer i deg? I mine er dette en unik sjanse dersom man søker innflytelse fra de beste.

What is your yoga background, and yoga passion.

I am an American yoga teacher (ERYT 500), Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, and the Director of the Atman Yoga School. In addition to running the AYS, I teach and lecture at yoga festivals across the US and Europe, lead workshops and teach studio classes. I also recently launched my side meditation project, One Sacred Pause, that has a podcast and meditation downloads. I am passionate about ayurveda, creative and unique vinyasa flow sequences, and making yoga philosophy accessible and relevant to the modern yogi. I think yoga has the power to change lives, and that is why I have dedicated my career to sharing these practices with others. You can learn more about me on my websites at ,, and

What is special or different about your teacher training?  One reason I love leading yoga teacher trainings so much is because of the format. Rather than just one person (the teacher) talking the entire time, TT is a chance for dialogue and discussion- we get to really talk about what yoga is and how we practice it. I have taught in and led teacher trainings for many years, but I eventually felt called to create the Atman Yoga School to offer a training that had a greater emphasis on ayurveda and philosophy. So many of the trainings I saw focused almost exclusively on the asana, or movement. While this is important, I think yogis should have a deeper knowledge base of the wisdom and history of yoga, both as students and as teachers. So at the Atman Yoga School approximately 50 hours of our 200 Hour training are focused on ayurveda, philosophy, and subtle body anatomy. Our school is designed to honor the ancient wisdom of yoga and ayurveda, while serving the needs of the modern yogi. And our 340 Hour Advanced Training and mentorships go even deeper!

What is extra-ordinary about the Atman Yoga School? What makes the Atman Yoga School teacher training stand out from other trainings is that we take a holistic, supportive, and accessible approach to education. I want my students to learn the information and utilize it in their lives, not just memorize something for a final exam. We also do fun exercises like mudra workshops, yin workshops, go in-depth with the chakra system, and learn all about oils and essential oils in our Ayurvedic Dinacharya workshop.

Les mer om utdannelsen her:

Atman Yoga School – 200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 3/8-2/12 2018

How do you define yoga? I agree with Patanjali’s definition of yoga in the Yoga Sutras that states that yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. What all the practices of yoga boil down to are finding a calmness in the body that supports a calmness in the mind. And when we find that peace and quiet in the mind, that is where we tap into the magic and transformation of the spiritual practice. Of course, as modern yogis and householders, we are allowed to have some fun and enjoy the practice too 🙂 So let’s get sweaty on the mat!

After your TT, how are the students ready for the world, and will there be any notable changes? After graduating from the Atman Yoga School, there will DEFINITELY be noticeable changes in a student’s life! Graduates will have learned the tools they need to take their yoga practice off the mat and into the world, and have a deeper understanding of the world around them and their place in it. Also, students are fully prepared to start teaching a fun, safe, and inspiring vinyasa yoga class by the time they graduate. They learn all the nuts-and-bolts techniques to build a class with a theme, put together an intelligent sequence, control their voice and body language with confidence, active verbal cues, and so much more.

Why is yoga teacher training so expensive? Well, it is and it isn’t. Yes, it is a big commitment of a student’s money, time, and energy, but in the long run the life skills they learn from a teacher training becomes invaluable. I think a yoga teacher training , especially one that focuses on Ayurveda (nutrition, lifestyle, self-care), should be required for all people, because it gives us so much in terms of understanding our self and our ability to communicate with others. And for students interested in joining our August teacher training, our Early Bird Tuition runs until June 3, so that helps lower the cost a bit! But usually I think students understand that it is an investment in their health and wellbeing, and so the cost then makes sense.

Er du nysgjerrig på denne stilen kan du komme innom på Core Balance å teste en klasse med Jessica. Mandager kl 19.00 kjører vi en signatur klasse som heter Power Balance Vinyasa.

Husk early bird med 2000 kr avslag- dette star til 3 juni!!

Beste hilsen og Namaste


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