Victoria Secret model`s workout

by Monica Øien

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This week its been all over the news, stories about the Victorias Secret models who are getting shaped by the megaformer. The innovative workout seems to become the ultimate and hippest workout routine to join right now.

Its actually so much fun that once you start this you cants stop coming back. This is how it started for me…

I have this passion for pedicure. I think this is the one self-treat I couldn’t live without. Partially because I need it after all my workouts, and partially because this is the only luxury I give myself which relaxes me and worth the money.

Its was at my pedicure day. And by this time I had lived by the sea in a little surf town north of LA for about 6 months. I had found my studios, my yoga favourite classes, the advanced pilates teachers and all the courses and teacher trainings I tended. Well, at the Spa I met this realtor who introduced me to the coolest, most efficient workout ever. We started talking, of course, this is California, and she introduced me to the method Lagree Fitness. Of course I was sceptical, after all I had years of pilates background. But I got curious, and had been a bit bored the last years in my pilates routine. The same afternoon I booked a class.

I met the studio owner Marcus, and I asked him if this was pilates, he said no. This is something else. You have to put your pilates head on hold and just surrender to the method. So I did. After this day I changed my workout routines in Cali and never stopped coming back. It was like a love relationship, I was inspired and motivated. And I could just after a few session notice major changes. I even met Sebastien Lagree, by luck when I was training in LA.

Back in Norway this summer I decided to make an approach to get the licence, and just weeks ago we launched the studio Core Balance in Oslo, and of course brought the method to Norway.

Here I am sharing an interesting chat I had with the developer and owner Sebastien over the phone this week:

What motivated you to create the Lagree Fitness Method?
I saw a need for a workout that was both high intensity and low impact for women and men.
What are the ground principles in the megaformer?
Ease of use
quick body positioning
Fits all frame and fitness level
Novice and advanced
multi purpose training prenatal, sport specific, general conditioning
Why and how do our bodies change through the method?
Through the Constant muscle stimulation A.K.A. Time Under Tension. The most effective way to strengthen, tighten, and tone.
Why do you think Low Impact workout are so much better?
Longevity of the body. High impact workout are not sustainable. Your joints will pay the price ultimately.
How does the megaformer concept influence our metabolism?
The constant effort triggers and raises the Metabolism. People will often feel hungry an hour after the workout.
Some people ask if this work is only for pretty skinny people, Victoria supermodels and superstars, what do you answer?
Its for all people. The method was created and has evolved to accommodate all fitness levels, age, women and men.  Everyone benefits from the method.
How many days per week do you recommend? for maintenance and to really change your body?
It all depends on the goals and what else is the person doing. I think that a healthy average is 3 to 4 times per week. But many clients do this 7 days per week, they love it!
How many hours /days of restitutions before next workout?
I recommend 48 hrs of rest in between the sessions. More when you first start the workout.
I don’t recommend to workout through intense soreness. Give your body time to heal.
Lagree Fitness is a Lifetime Method, you can do it forever.
How many excercices have you designed, and is there more to come?
The need always come from the students. I get inspired in class.
I have lost track a long time ago. My goal is not just to create more exercises but also to help people do the current ones, correctly.
Where did you come up with all the names? scrambled egg, star pose, spider kicks…?
Can’t really say, the names just popped up in my mind one day. That’s usually how it happens 🙂
How do we work out in 10 years?
You will see that more people will workout in the future for mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual benefits and less for physiological ones as new technologies emerge.

If you want to read more about the method you can check here:

Instagram: @lagreefitness

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